William Shakespeare had a real knack with names~ creating some of the most memorable… Hamlet, Viola, Beatrice, Lady Macbeth, Titania and of course Romeo and his dear Juliet. Wish I had his talent for such because when it came to deciding on a name for this blog I tortured myself for weeks with ideas.  Y’all the names I was considering ran the gamut~ from Simply Be to In His Image, Tongue & Cheek, all the way to Simply Southern Sass.

Each were fittin’ but none fit perfectly.  I mean seriously I can rarely simply be. In fact it takes a great deal of efforting on my part to just BE. Nor could three simple words like Simply Southern Sass, adequately describe all that I am… yes, I am southern, yes, I am sassy but dang if I and hopefully this blog are not so much more!As y’all will find in the days, weeks, months, and by grace… years to come, the gal writing this blog believes anything and everything is possible and feels most confident that she can do ALL that she desires.  However in just trying to pick the title I came to discover that while believing in infinite possibilities and the blessings that belief holds it can also play out as a curse, causing one (me) to question ALL possibilities never quite settling on one.  The one.

Then lo and behold one night while laying in bed I got a silly text from a dear friend, so silly in fact only the most eloquent of responds would suffice…

“Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit”

And so it begins.