Never meeting a stranger and with my ever-present God givin’ discerning intuition, I had a real knack for making friends fairly quickly while growing up. Really good friends. Some even becoming lifelong friends. And with all the moves we made (read here why we moved around so often  How in the world did a southern gal find her way here to blogland with her butt hangin’ out for God, her Momma and all the world to see??? ) it was a knack that came in awfully handy and made life ridiculously fascinating.  Cause folks I’m sure we can ALL agree…people are just down right interesting!!! Now that I’m grown and have lived in the same city for over 20 years, this knack has helped to create a circle of amazing, inspiring, and insanely fun friends.

Then last year life as I knew it, flipped it’s flop.

We sold a home that we had on the market for quite some time (will share more about this in a post I’m writing called~ How Sex and Chinese Drywall…saved my family). We moved up the road a piece to a new zip code and into an adorable 1940s cottage-home (pre-renavation photo below). Our new home sits, as the crow flies, about a mile from the ocean. And is within bike riding distance of a charming Main Street town.

Y’all, before moving to this little town, I had NEVER had a home town of my own.  Heck until I was able to call TN home at age 11, didn’t really claim to have a home state. This lil town I’ve recently moved to became mine the moment my feet hit its sandy sidewalks and I ordered up and was served a perfect glass of sweet tea. Can y’all tell…I’m in LOVE!?!? Our new home and it’s stompin grounds fits the new life we had begun creating, to a freakin T!

Then if that wasn’t change enough…up and decided it was time to retire from my twenty year banking career.  A career I thoroughly enjoyed and will always be grateful for.  Talk about making some friends…clients, staff, co-horts, bosses, mentee, they remain near and dear to my heart. (Much love to any of y’all, that have made your way here to WBMB)

Folks, admittedly, I don’t just embrace change…I revel in it!!!

Finally for the first time in years, heck, possibly ever, I found myself with all kinds of free time on my hands. Soooo, being the adventurous spirit I am, I began filling that time with paddle boarding, renovating the cottage-home from the ground up (Literally. As we had to raise the cattywomped subfloor… cannot wait to tell all about this fun little escapade), sailin’ lessons, nightly homemade meals (well almost nightly, cause after all I ain’t no Paula Dean) and a bit of furniture restoration.

Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of friends that could enjoy this adventuring time with me. As most, in fact, pretty much all stilled worked (This, by the way, is the only downside I’ve found to retiring in your forties. All the rest is AHHHHmazing!) So I began praying for new friends to be added into my mix. And I figured since I was already praying for them, might as well custom order exactly want I wanted~

  • Friends that could come out and play at 11:30 on a Tuesday. Or a Thursday or a Monday
  • Ones who had skills and talents within areas that interest and intrigued me
  • Folks whose lives would inspire me to try things that were outside my comfort zone
  • individuals that would serve as teachers, mentors, guides in this ever evolving life
  • People I could encourage love and support
  • And enjoy some hootenannyingly fun experiences with

And as faith would have it…in walks Fussy, Diamond, Ms. Capricorn and an entire tribe of yogis (names have been changed to protect the down right crazy, errr, innocent).

Y’all, when I say I am one of God’s favorites, I truly mean it.  Cause this band of misfits (said with the utmost love and respect. Truly!) that came along my life’s path was exactly what I ordered up.  AND OH SO MUCH MORE!

But that’ll all have to wait till the next time…’On as the world turns’.  (bahaha always wanted to say that)

Till then, y’all be blessed!