In our lives we are often doing. Going hither and tether. Hopping from one task to another. Rushing from this meeting to get to the next. Barely catching our breath from a finished project before we’ve jumped…uggggghhhh you get it.

Each of us, myself included, often can lose sight of life’s exquisite beauty that lovingly surrounds us at this very second.

However when we take a moment and simply pause we have the ability to become aware of the feel as air gloriously fills our lungs, the soothing sound of the breeze tussling leaves, the earthy smell of grass underfoot, by bearing witness to nature’s glory, in touching our tongue to our lips and tasting the salt that lingers.

Within our five senses lies the power of a pause.  It reminds us that life is not always in the doing, going, hopping, rushing or even finishing.

It is in the being.



With nothing to do but~

Feel. Hear. Smell. See. Taste.

and BE

Take a pause. It’s only a pause. But lawdybe if it is not powerful.