Been one heck of an interesting year (as I descibed in Fussy, Diamond, Ms. Cappicorn and an entire tribe of yogis~ ) When I retired after 20 years of banking and without sending out even one resume I was offered all kinds of new jobs. Exciting jobs, with folks and businesses I admire and would have certainly enjoyed working with. And while, emmensely grateful for each offering, I was not ready to jump into anything else, new, same or different.  I was and still am ALL about utilizing this time to rediscover me.

Then one night I meet up with some friends at our local Irish Pub. The place was packed as fun cool places often are on a Saturday night.  The house band (Irish of course and freakin amazing) was rockin’ it out, people were having a ball, dancing a couple of jigs was a given, however getting a drink was a bit dodgy with only one bar tender managing the crowd.  The poor boy was in need of another set of hands, to which, I offered my own.

So right around St Patty’s Day, in fact two days before (go big, go sassy, go green or go home) I began tending bar.

To say I love it would be an understatement…it fits me…perfectly!  Spending a couple of evenings each week talking to interesting folks, listening to some truly great music, even singin’ along every now and then.  This was the only job I sought and it has been one hayel of a good time!!!

With one exception…my after work hunger pains.  I won’t lie y’all, it’s tough to eat at a time of night that once was reserved for my dreamin’ time with pillows all around.  And I tell you what…a piece of fruit, bit of protien or plain toast just won’t cut it.

But combine them suckers

 top ’em with some dark cocoa chips

Yassss honey yassss


hunger pains be dayumed

Sweet dreams y’all