He is the one that became a father the day I was born.

He is the one that my first full sentence was all about…”Daddy flies”.

He is the one whose genes gave me wavy hair, pillowy lips and a butt that makes my hispanic girlfriends envious.

He is the one that first loved me without condition.

He is the one that taught me the art of fly fishing, casting a rod, baitin’ a worm, cricket, or bread on a cane pole hook.

He is the one who first adored me and valued the rare, unique, and immeasurable gift that I am.

He is the one that exhabited what it means to lead and live from the heart. FullSizeRender

He is the one whose sailing and boating lessons, allowed me to get lost for hours on the lake behind my childhood home.

He is the one that taught me the most proficient way to ‘bounce’ folks off an inner tube being pulled by said boat.FullSizeRender-4

He is the one whose career took him away more times than I can count. But when it counted most his career took a back seat to our relationship.

He is the one that revealed the stunning life taking place under water through our snorkeling adventures when I was a girl and scuba diving ones as I got older.

He is the one that tutored and nurtured my passion for restoring furniture and homes.

He is the one that showed me how fun driving actually could be, especially if there is a stick shift involved.  FullSizeRender

He is the one who walked me down the beach to the man I would marry, all the while whispering what an amazing woman I’d become and how any one less than who was waiting to take my hand, just would not do.

He is the one that broke my heart more deeply than any other ever has. However in the process revealed my greatest lesson in forgiveness. And how it is the purest of gifts that absolutely and graciously frees us of regrets.

He is the one in which my gal calls Papa and adores spending time with…no matter what it is they are doing.

He is the one man in which every other has ever been measured against.

He is the one that was chosen to be my father.

I am the one that is eternally grateful he was.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you