TN Dec 2016

Wholeheartedly adore the gift of gratitude. It is one of the most powerful benefactions we can bestow. For within, lies the ability to change us and others on a fundamental level…in simple yet profound ways.

Relish living daily within its state and harnessing its power by offering it not only to the Creator and those I know and love but to people who pass in and out of my day.

It is joyful to see another through the eyes and heart of love and by offering gratitude for the magnificent creations they are, is an honor that makes life radiantly beauty filled.

When offering this gift I’m keen on finding a word/words that are refined in nature and powerfully articulates the feelings behind them. Also while attempting to utilize words that are expressive and picturesque.

I might share with someone with a wise, calm, and grounded presence that they are “like a mighty oak”.FullSizeRender-3

Perhaps someone whose so excited they’re going a million miles a minute in every direction…”child, you are like a BB rolling around in a box car”.

Someone who listens, without judgement, being taken over with their own emotions, or even feeling obligated to offer anything back…I might say, “you have an impressive ability of being present and listening like the sky”.

Ooh oooh oooooh…for those gals who are oh so



and rarin’ to go…

“gal, you’re like a heifer in heat at a rodeo”

(see y’all...very very refined in nature)

Recently I sought hard for a word to adequately describe the depths of adoration and gratitude I have for a man who is most dear to me.

Over the weekend I found myself in a tsunami of powerful yet painful emotions brought about by uncaring words and actions that were heaped upon by someone who once held me in high regard and esteem. Yet no longer had the capacity, perhaps even the desire to allow me a moment to reacted or respond to the pain and sorrow she shared, before walking away and closing me out of her world.

The next morning I woke at 2:00am with a deep sense of loss and grief. No longer able to lay awake with my thoughts, I headed to the one sure place where comfort, peace and solace has always been found…the ocean.

Getting there long before the sun rose I sat in the darkness holding my pain so near finding it difficult to breathe fully…deeply. However as pink, orange and yellow began to paint across the sky the calm that I sought began to sink into my being.


The flood of raw emotions that seemed hell-bent on toppling me began to retreat and breathing and just being once again became normal.


the loss I felt still held me captive.

Gratefully, however, that I never once found myself alone with the sorrow. In fact the one person, the man most dear to me, became a massive source of rest and reprieve offering himself in unique and formidable ways. He was steadfast and strong while being gentle and knowing. Offering space in which my emotions raged and flowed while never collapsing under them or being overwhelmed by them. He rose up to meet me with such precision that I felt completely safe in allowing myself to be broken open upon him.

What I sought, he gave.

What I needed and even that which I didn’t know I needed, he provided.

By the end of what had been a very long day, I was emotional and physically spent and he was the place in which rest and complete solitude was found. Wanting desperately to give gratitude for all he supplied, yet in attempting to do so, found myself struggling to string words together or even find one word adequate to conceive all that was felt.

A rock may have sufficed. For he had been mine for the day.

A buoy could have worked. For he kept me afloat.

A mountain would have also been fittin’. For he had most assuredly rose up to meet me.

However he was so much more…

for I would have broken apart on the hardness of a rock.

Had no capability to hang on and surely would’ve been swept away from a buoy.

And I, most certainly did not have the strength or ability to climb a mountain.

No what he provided was stable and comforting. Allowing the river of my emotions to endless flow, rapidly change, and go as deep as they needed to, all while being fully contained.

Finally it came to me…he was a Riverbank. Holding me and the day together.


What an outstanding gift the riverbank is to the river…

it lies beside, in dynamic silence…

steadfast while containing the intensity…

supporting the ever-changing flow…

gently guiding or meandering with the current…

holding the space that allows the river to be as deep or as shallow as it needs.