…and ALL who came before, in between, and after.

For as long as I can remember, my momma has always done one thing as soon as she got in the car.

No, I’m not talking about putting on her seatbelt.

The first thing she did (and still does)…

was press the one button that held the power to lead me down the musical path that was my childhood.

The radio came on

a cool tune was found


and only then

the seat beat got buckled.

My days riding in the backseat consisted of me thrashing around like there was a cockroach on me, AKA, dancing…Bella style.

However, I was not dancing to what a normal 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-year-old might be dancing to. Instead of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or Justin Bieber blasting through the speakers, I was whipping my hair to Prince, singing along to the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Bill Withers and of course Aerosmith thrown in for good measure.

I always knew it was a really GOOD song when the sunroof went back, the windows came down, the radio got turned up, and momma left the song on for its duration.

(ohhhh yeah you’re seeing it right, that is a umberabella microphone I’m using. And y’all a hairbrush works well too. Even a pen, but only in a pinch)

Now here’s the deal, my momma is a consummate radio scanner.

My whole life, I’ve listened to snippets, half songs, and only the whole thing by the greatest: Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, Eric Clapton, Heart, The Beetles, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Pat Benatar…

ok, ok, ok…

you get the idea, this list truly has the power to go on forever!


We dance

we sing

she gets bored

she taps that fateful button that fills the car with a new song and genre

and the cycle repeats

It’s actually quite surprising that I know most of the words to so many songs from different eras and genres. But I guess after thirteen years of hearing lumps, fragments, and occasionally, the whole darn thing, the words, the beat, and just the pure essence of a song, has made their everlasting mark on and in my life.

Momma has made sure that the songs of her life…the Artist, their music, the roots from which they came…was a part of mine as well. It’s because of this, that I have a great depth of love and appreciation for the music, that isn’t just of my decade, but is for all times.

Just a little ditty to leave you with…

Momma says she doesn’t want a new car because this one is paid for, she can easily get the paddle boards on and off, and she rarely drives it anywhere other than the yoga studio, pub, and beach…

but I think it’s because, over the years, she has found that her wrist rest nicely on the gear shift allowing her fingers to fit perfectly over the scanning buttons.FullSizeRender

Well y’all, this is where I leave you. Thank you so much for allowing me to have a moment in your day and my spotlight in the blog world. If enjoyed my writing, please let my momma know so she can have me come back and write for you again.