Think y’all would agree, unless you are getting home late from a most excellent event, catching an early morning flight to Costa Rica, or yummidly (yes I make up words that suit my need) tangled up in the sheets with someone…

3:42am is not a time that most of us want to be awake.

However 3:42 is precisely the time my eyes, body and more importantly my mind thought it would be fun to emerge from its slumber and most excellent dreams and begin its play date with a word.  

Well two words to be exact…

in and up

as in…

do I soak in it or do I soak it up 

Here is truly the real culprit behind the demise of my sleep…

it is not the meaning of these two tiny two letter words but the overwhelming joy of life that has me wondering…

do I soak in it?

Or do I soak it up?

What do y’all do when life is bringing a smorgasbord of outstandingly and astonishing events causing emotions to reach such heights that you truly can’t take them all in at once?

Do you soak in it as you would a hot steamy bath full of essential oils? Allowing the soothing water and its glorious scent to envelope you and hold you contained in it luxuriousness.

Or do you soak it up as if you were sitting at the beach in the radiant sun? Allowing its rays, with each passing moment, to penetrate your skin and nourish your very being.FullSizeRender-1

Typically I soak it up.

Relishing in every moment being lived out.

Even doing a little jig from time to time purely for the joy of it all.

Nonetheless, this morning at 3:42am and now at 8:59am, as I write this out, I am so not sure how to handle, accept, and even appreciate all that is taking place.

I’m a simple girl.

Life simple pleasures thrill me to no end.

A great song can move me.

A stunning sunset speaks to my very core and releases unspeakable joy throughout my entire being.


A walk in nature can regenerate my free spirit


Getting lost in a book of glorious words and not emerging for hours is considered an afternoon well spent.

And time in the presence of a dear friend feeds my soul for days.

I care not for the things that money can afford more than that which are life’s simple blessings bestowed in abundance.

So when granted a plethora, if you will, of blessings infiltrating my life as they have in recent weeks my simple nature can hardly take it all in, soak it all up, bask in its delights.

What’s a girl to do?

Soak in it? Or soak it up?

Hoping the answer to my 3:42am question becomes clearer before my weary albeit delightfully grateful head and heart hits the hay tonight.

Till then I plan on doing both soaking in it and soaking it up.

Much love and abundant joy y’all