How do we reconcile between that which is thoughts in our head when it is so opposing to that which is felt in our heart?

Years ago, discussed this very question with a dear friend.

His response…give your heart 72% of the equation and your head 28%.

Laughing at the specificity of his logic I said, ‘ugh boy… hate numbers and unless, on a sales rack, I dislike percentages even more’. To which he accurately reminded me that I was a banker.

Truth be told, even as a banker, numbers were not (and still aren’t) my speciality. Yet this mathematical solution, indeed, over the years, played out to provide all kinds of beautiful moments. Moments where my heart  made the majority of discussions. Eloquently guiding me, even when it was illogical and naysayers said it was insane, to this exquisitely, beautiful, simple life I now live.

The 72% / 28% was a perfect balanced, well oiled machine…

Until recently.

When my head, no longer satisfied with its allotted 28% began encroaching, sometimes brutally, onto my heart’s 72%. All the while, logically screaming things that my heart had to receive, then somehow lovingly try to counter balance.

I found myself in an internal tug-of-war. That contradicted my keen desire to live in absolute peace and overwhelming joy. And no matter how mind fully and lovingly I tried to referee between the two, my heart, was exhausted…

Walks on the beach added to the summer glow on my skin but offer little solace to my heart. Yoga and meditation soothed and gave reprieve but my head’s assaults gained the upper hand by the end of each day.

My heart had even begun to rifle through drawers and cupboards in search of a white flag to use in surrender, for surely my head and all its logic was going to be victorious.

Then this week and last weekend my heart was provided with time and space to rest and regenerate. The bestowers of this immense gift, came from three, very different yet all clothed with gracious loving spirits, cherished friends.

Each friend offering something uniquely different, yet all within their divinely appointed gifts.

Luxuriously, over the weekend my heart bathed in conversation with one of my most trusted and beloved friends. We talked for hours on end. About nothing and everything. Neither of us in a rush with no time restraints as we had gotten away for an end-of-summer holiday. The conversation, our silliness and the presence of her love and trust allowed my heart to rest. As it rested it renewed its strength and by the time we returned home (in the ‘hotmobile’) my heart was belting out ‘I will survive” with more power and enthusiasm than Gloria Gaynor ever wish she could.

With its reestablished strength firmly in tact, my heart began to regain footing as well as its percentages giving my head an opulent opponent. And by the time my second beautiful friend showed his pretty little head, my heart was all a glow and ready to go toe to toe with this wildly audacious and creatively fun person. Our visit energized my heart all the more, making it fully willing to wield its 72 percent of power. Even helping it realize it was capable of boppin’ the head upside itself and stealing away its misused 28 percent, if it didn’t straighten up.

All leading up to last night… as I sat in my car after work, unloading the vault of thoughts and emotions with one of my absolute favorite people on the planet. Where, at that precise moment my heart freely soared to its capacity! And undeniable peace and unspeakable joy, once again were mine.


the equalizer to life’s 72/28 equation


Watch out head, as of now, the heart will allow you to keep your 28% But your power is on shaking ground!