Now folks this phenomena happens often, so there’s nothing to be alarmed about.

In fact my family grew accustomed to often walking into a rearranged home.

Having unusual concoctions come from the kitchen, based on whatever I fancied that day.

Made the decision to take up yoga, purely because it felt so right walking into the studio for the first time.

On a whim, packed a bag and hit the road thirty minutes later for a 10 day road trip with my darlin’ gal. We had no reservations or real thought of where or what we’d be doing…just for the adventure of it.

Will dance a jig in the middle of the street if I feel so moved. Typical, this does happen when accompanied by a live band playing near by, so as not to look like a total spaz.

Was ready to make an offer on the little cottage-home I now live in and am renovating without ever stepping a foot inside.

Even made a decision to hang up a 20 year career, in the time it took to walk across a bank lobby.

To say I navigate my life based on feelings, discernment, and intuition would be a straight arrow hitting the bull smack dab in the eye. Dang if that didn’t just gave me a notion… archery might just be the next hairy ring I step into.

For now, let’s get back to my current, crazy, curly, over the top hair that has taken over my home. Well, mostly the kitchen but aggressively has spilt  itself out into the living room and studio. And while I am not fully ready or able to share the wildness of this hair just yet I will give a glimpse into what is acomin’ down the pike…

Chalk paint….


and dark cabinets…

A match made in wild hair haven