Anyone that knows me well or even not so much, knows “oh my heck” comes out of my mouth or from my feverish thumbs tapping out those three simple words, often

So often in fact I’ve thought they deserved their own acronym. Even considered campaigning on OMH’s behalf, with the expectation, that in time, OMH might hold the same ranking as OMG.

However currently there is far too much on my plate, namely a wild hair project …

“just a small”

“wont take but a minute”

“I soooo got this”…

kind of painting project, that would make taking on a campaign, even one as worthwhile as OMH’s, just down right silly.

Here’s the deal y’all, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into when I began this project. 

Absolutely NONE!

I mean, how could I?

I’ve never undertaken a project of such magnitude.

Yet, that small, seemingly necessary fact was not, nor has it ever been, a determining nor deterring factor of mine. When I get a vision, jumping right on into it, brings my life undeniable excitement and ever-increasing happiness.

This reckless abandonment serves me well. Turning each of my modest homes and salvage yard finds into comfortable, beautiful, livable works of art. And while, yes, trials and even from time to time, errors do occur, there is a great deal of learning that takes place and provides knowledge and wisdom that might have only been gained through this type of apprenticeship.

However today as I stare a bit glossy eyed, slightly overwhelmed, muttering OMH, OMH, OMH, by the magnitude of what I am facing today…

no, not hurricane Irma churning its way to my beloved state, for with her all I can do is prepare and pray…

but by that which is my kitchen for all intense and purpose.

 Ground zero of the wild hair project…

Photo’s taken a month ago, waaaaay back when I wasn’t nuttin’ but a green, wide-eyed, innocence gal starting out on a fun-filled adventure. With a brush, couple of cans of chalk paint and a wing and a prayer.

OHHHH how innocence and a few choice words have been unleashed and lost in the wreckage.

Today’s current state of the wild hair project…FullSizeRender-1

Admittedly, this part of the project is not terrible and gratefully the important things have remained…



and it’s maker.

For these few stragglers holding out with me~ I appreciate your service and dedication to the cause. Forgive the words you’ve heard escape my lips as I struggled to get shelves released from the mighty clutches of their brackets.

The real wreckage is in what has overflowed from the cabinets and overtaken most of the studio…


All of the dining area…


and even spilt itself into the living room…


So while typically I say, oh my heck, in delight, amazement, joy, and pleasure, today, it was exclaimed in exasperation for a project that has proven far more encumbering than could be imagined at the time off taping off.

Yet, as sit in the heap, looking at the photos, recalling how the kitchen looked just a mere month ago I am reignited, rarin’-to-go and oh my heck y’allI can hardly wait to see how this most excellent adventure finally unfolds.