y’all, it is messy.


There is water everywhere except coming from the kitchen faucet or found in bottles at the stores.

Trees and huge tree size branches have fallen over or broken off, blocking our already flooded streets.

Which in some ways is okay, since there is nowhere, city-wide, to purchase gas. Making staying put the best option.

Our beautiful beaches are eroded away FullSizeRender

Power outages are far-reaching, making the difficult task of being a lineman even more so (thank YOU ALL for the outstanding service you provide. It is most appreciated).

Kids are out of school for DAYS, no need to elaborate on the mess this can cause.

And no one, I mean no one, other than perhaps a new-born has slept good or had a good cup of coffee (not even the new-born) for days. 

But, and this but is huge…

 there is also beauty in it all.


For when a community comes together in the midst of the messiness…beauty is seen.

Friends step in with chain saws to cut the fallen trees off driveways and roofs.

Generators, hot showers, and cool beds, are provided from those who were fortunate to have their power restored.

First responders, leave their families to help others at the most desperate.  And while thank you never seems enough for their dedication and service, the gratitude is still deeply felt every time those two simple words are uttered.


Shelter, is offered from those whose homes withstood the storm, to those whose home were flooded in the deluge.

You talk or text (once cell service is restored) to absolutely EVERYone that you love most in the world.

Walks on the beach, when once again allowed, offers an immense bounty of beautiful sea treasures. Plus my gal and I became rescue workers, aiding in returning 16 creatures to their home in the sea.


And the sun and all its stunning glory shines itself out over all our new water front properties. 



*Photo credit to TC Palm for the first eleven photos

* Photo credit to me for the other two