…sometimes, in the midst of the enormity of it, I’ll tackle a molehill in order to feel accomplished.

Last week we came through hurricane Irma, for the most part, unscathed. Our yard, on the other hand, went through quite a bit of updating in its landscape. And the clean up from that… has been a dentist visit short of fun!

Also, I found myself finally getting the bug my daughter, my boss and, two of my friends were hayel bent on bestowing upon me. Typically, I do everything in my power to avoid getting sick, however when it hits I then do everything in my power to get over it oh so quickly. Which became challenging last week with rest difficult to find while storms raged outside my hot hot house that had lost power the moment the wind gust was up over 30 miles per hour.

All and all, gratefully, we manged through successfully and have emerged feeling better, with our house in tact, a cleaned out restocked fridge, and once again a cool bed to rest our weary heads.

Yet even with the lights restored and my energy (sluggishly) returning I’ve had no desire to face the kitchen renovation (the mountain). So I took on a molehill and boy howdy if it is not the cutest lil ‘ol molehill.

Heres the molehill’s back story…

earlier this year my gal and I went junkin’.

Junkin’ is a favorite pastime of ours. We go in and out of thrift stores, salvage yards, and second-hand shops with no real agendas, or purpose, just an open mind with creative juices flowing. Sometimes we emerge with treasures. More often than not, we just leave the junk behind for another to find.

On this particular day we hit upon a real treasure in the making…

an old industrial metal shelf


This thing was heavy, rusted, battered.



We got busy


real busy

Once done it found itself in the corner of my bedroom. Where, until today, it sat collecting dust and a few odds and end items that didn’t belong.


That was until I turned my attention away from the mountain and on to the molehill

Watch out mountain you’re next!!!