10 years ago, I ran, jogged, walked, just about lost my cookies, and hit the wall while doing a 15K.

Two things factored in the almost cookie loss and wall hitting.

Thing one…my longest run/jog/walk at that time had only been 5 miles

Thing two…I was completely ill prepared for May and Orlando’s humidity, temperatures, and lack of breeze.

Crazy as it sounds, having lived in FL for 13 years and walking a step or two round the amusement parks that’s here, I thought…ain’t a thang, I so got this.

Hmmm hmmm hmmm honey child

Walking round the Mouse’s house to wait endlessly in lines, is not running, jogging, walkin’ 9.3 miles in the same shoes.

Y’all, get what I’m steppin’ in here?

The race was a fun run through three Disney Parks. It started out with Mickey, Minnie, and fireworks at Animal Kingdom’s entrance. From the get go it was amazingly cool. Passing the back side of the elephant habitat, about a mile and a half in, I caught a glimpse of one of the magnificence beast being watered down, cooled off, and thought…this is the BEST Disney experience ever! Everyone needs to do this!!

Next up…Hollywood Studios. However, first a little jaunt out onto the main road, where Disney had rerouted traffic for our safety and provided water stations for our thirst. All was much appreciated. All, except for the two off and certainly on ramps that were ahead. I’ll tell y’all what, the incline of those little hills in a car feels like nothing. However on foot, you realize, they are something.

With a thank you and a smile I grabbed a water and continued on. Blowing a kiss to Rod Sterling as I jogged by Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror.

Out of Hollywood, with just a few miles left, the route took us round some waterways, under a bridge and onto the Boardwalk towards Epcot. Energized, I was well on my way to victory where I would soon have a medal placed round my neck, just like in the Olympics, to prove it.

Once my feet hit the pavers of Epcot’s back entrance, the sun was up, shining bright, beating itself against my salty, sweaty skin, draining what tiny bit of energy I had left, causing the effort of my will and feet to falter. With less than a mile to go I feared what was left of the banana, peanut butter and power bar I’d consumed roughly two hours earlier, would resurface, and thought…who in their right mind thought a 9.3 mile run, in the middle of May no less, was fun

Yet as my tennies walked onto the beautiful bridge leading over to ‘France’, a surge of pure delight coursed through my body. From that point on, the end was only a few more steps away. Slowly, methodically, I placed one foot in front of the other and as I saw the smiles and signs of my family and friends I felt like a gold medalist.

This week I’ve been at the bridge with my kitchen. Where many, many times I’ve thought…Child! What in the heck were you thinking??? But as my tennies, or in the kitchen’s case…the first shelf, slowly, methodically was put back in place,

a surge of pure delight coursed through my body.


And even with the finish line still way on out in the distance (thus the reason there are no photos of the bottom half of the kitchen)…

once again, I felt like a throughly accomplished victor.