Round these here parts there is always a project going on.


Sometimes, we have multiple ones taking place at the same time. Yet typically there is one project that takes center stage. And this one project typically falls into one or more of three categories…

  1. it is a gift for another with a specific timeframe to which it needs to be given
  2. it has somehow caused a disruption or upheaval in the home and has infiltrated our peaceful serenity with it’s chaos
  3. it is a current obsession and my hands and mind can’t seem to stop playing, creating, or enjoying it

Many of these projects begins with a simple idea. Rarely do the ins and outs, hows and hows nots, the do and don’ts come with the initial spark of genius. Nope it’s merely a flicker of creativity that takes place then requires a bit of gumption, a great deal of spirit, one giant leap into the unknown, and then with time, effort, and fun… ultimately the idea takes shape and comes into being.

Our entire home has been created just this way. Idea after idea. Leap after leap. Project after project. Always a work in progress however when I or anyone else walks into the space we are enveloped by elegance, uniqueness, and simple beauty. Nothing here is perfect. In fact most of the pieces are somehow perfectly imperfect. Not one single item holds much monetary value. Yet all has been lovingly created, restored and placed. And as I sit here on my 14-year-old slip covered sofa typing out these radon thoughts to y’all, every single thing within my line of sight makes me smile with appreciation, gratitude and even pride for there is a sense of unmeasurable joy in creating such an environment.

Even my current project that leans unassuming against the fireplace in front of the stairs, brings about a smile.


at least now it does.



This, however, was not the case last week.

Naw, last week, this unfinished piece was more like an unprecedented disaster looming there as a silent reminder that truly I have no idea what I am doing.

For the reality is…

I don’t.

Of course over the years wisdom has been gained, acumen has been developed, and outlets that help direct are accessible when I get stuck. But rarely will I create anything twice, so each time I start out all anew, with no solid plan, no concrete conclusion, no real direction. Just a spark and a sincere faith that all will workout in the end.

This current piece came to be not from a flicker of brillance, or spark of divine, but rather out of necessity. You see I was beginning a mix media class at the local art museum. Having already spent a pretty penny on the tuition and supplies I decided to repurpose an old canvas that my gal and I had painted years earlier.

The first night of class I walked in with my huge 48×36 canvas full of excitement and eagerness to learn. And very quickly discovered that while I was having an absolute ball, I had also bitten off way more than I could ever chew in one sitting. So while week after week, my fellow students, now friends, would bring their small manageable canvases in and produce something fabulous that they would take home to hang or sell. I, week after week, was hauling back and forth my 48×36 inches of calamity.

While there were aspect about the piece that I enjoyed

…as a whole it was not cohesive, nothing was pulling together within it. It was a 48×36 heap whose sum did not add up to much of anything.

Then last week, with only a couple of classes left, I hauled the piece not into class but out to the back yard with a new determination.

Not to finish the piece but rather to tear it apart, sand it down, start afresh.

However in the process of un-assembling the heap and not with a great deal of care to preserve anything, my spark of divine finally came.

This piece, like me, is a masterpiece in the making.

Nothing is absolutely perfect, yet in the imperfection there is a rare beauty. A beauty, that from time to time, may require a bit of flair on the part of the beholder. Yet I discovered in the process, that just like me…some masterpieces are never fully done.

They…me, will be ever evolving.

Ever becoming.

Ever improving.

Yet they…me, are glorious just for being.