There is often a desire to sit and write out a fun little ditty but more times than not when the desire hits I’m not necessarily inspired or have something particular to write about. Or perhaps I am inspired but the thoughts aren’t organized, or the thoughts seem to be lining up yet the words won’t flow or my favorite reason… I get drawn into reading one of my beloved “When do I get the manual” post, finding myself lost in her wonderful writing of silly antics going on in her neck of the woods and before I know it my desire to write myself has moved about 5014.5 miles away and my mind is on to something else.

Often, instead of sitting down and diligently forcing the words to come, I turn on tunes, dance around a bit, pick up a paint brush, scraper, sandpaper and get out of my head into my body.

I find that is where the magic happens.

In this incubator of creativity my mind begins to let go and the thoughts that were once held captive between my ears unravels its self into a kind of nothingness. And in that space there is room for movement to occur and the oxygen fueling my creativity sparks off an idea that typically transforms itself into a string of words. Sometimes the words get written out. Sometimes not. For they aren’t always meant to be seen or known by anyone but me.

This was precisely what took place today. However, unsuccessfully, I did attempt sitting down in an effort to force the word thing out. I even began tip-tapping out something along the lines of…here I am, sitting here, right here, with nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing what so ever to write about, yet here I am…a Pulitzer in the making right there.

Then I got wise.

And I got busy.

Not busy doing.

Not busy being.

Busy having fun.

Busy creating.


I got lost in a sturdy vintage piece that a friend thought I would enjoy restoring.


At first, given the enormity of the piece with all its crooks and crevices, thought that painting would be the way to go. But as I started that process the piece told me…

yes furniture talks to me. Doesn’t it talk to you?…

“the wood underneath all the brown-ness~ is gorgeous. Bring it out. Bring it into the light”


With that I began the daunting task of stripping, sanding, working towards drawing the beauty that has been hidden deeply for years under layers of stain and varnish out and into the light.


For now it is merely one drawer and a-whole-lotta brown yet to be uncovered.

But as I placed the one drawer back into its original spot a thought sparked and words strung together…


There is beauty everywhere. No matter how deeply hidden. We only need to give it the time and care it needs to be discovered, looking past the brown-ness into that which is not always readily visible. (This includes crotchety folks, worn out bodies, scattered minds, tattered relationships, forgotten spaces, discarded pieces.) There is beauty in everything and everyone if we take the time to uncover it. For the beauty is there. It is just waiting to be brought out into the light.