Long before I began teaching yoga, self-doubt and thoughts that my new skills would be  insufficient ran rampant. They had an ongoing field day in my head and played unmercifully with my confidence. More specifically these self-doubts rose up when I would think of teaching those whose abilities and understanding of the Astanga practice were more advanced than my own.

Then one evening while chatting with my daughter, I was gently reminded (with my own words) that we all have gifts. We may not always easily see, understand, or appreciate them but when we choose to withhold them it is likened to withholding blessings. The kind of  blessings that only our gifts, given selflessly, might be bestowed upon another.

Gratefully this conversation and reminder happened before I met Ms. Georgette.

A 40 year practitioner of Astanga Yoga.

While still slightly intimated by our 40 to 1 year experience ratio, I silenced any self-doubt that threatened to rise up and met her right where I was, with all my strengths as well as all my weakness. And  was accepted as well as appreciated by her from the start.

After that first class, we hugged and thanked each other for coming out.  Then lo and behold by the end of our second class, we had come to trust each other enough that she asked if I would assist her into a head stand. The first head stand she had done since having a pacemaker put in.  


Honor as well as bewilderment fell over me as I contemplated what she was asking. She went on to say, that I, with my oh so new knowledge and skills, had been the first teacher, post surgery, that provided her with the assurance needed to once again be ready for this step.

That moment…

if self-doubt had won or if I’d decided to stay within my comfort zone…

would have never happened. And it is precisely that moment that opened my heart to fully embrace the teacher within my self.


We all have gifts.

Mine that day was offering assurance of ability to support and assist an advanced yogi back into a asana that she had easily done for years, prior to health issues. Hers, was in the trust she bestowed upon me that day and many times after.

Today, when I got home from teaching, there was a package waiting at my front door. While always a delight to receive a gift, this dearly and deeply blessed my soul. Georgette made me a new yoga mat carrier and bag, shared a beloved book and wrote a note containing words that I will forever hold dear.

We all have gifts!

Don’t withhold the blessings that your gifts can provided.

Share them!

And share them often.