This painting, affectionately called ‘Yoni Love’, has been a long, long, long time in the making.

While, the actual creation only took a few hours and a whole lotta paint (it’s big y’all, 36X36 and layers upon layers of paint) to create. The idea of it, had been bubbling up in my thoughts and heart for years.

Yet, not until after spending a morning mediating on the thoughts and desire of this creation, did it actually come to be.

You see as a little girl, my yoni, with all her gorgeousness and yummy power, was abused. Used in an effort to quench another’s ugly lust.

Innocence that was my birth right, was stolen.

The reprehensible acts of what one human can and will do to one another was seen and sadly felt, first hand.

I was forever changed.

Changed, not in a way I would have wanted or chosen for myself or any other. Yet it was a change, that from that moment on, was forever more, a part of my life’s story.

Blessedly, that one ugly, repugnant thread that came into my life at eight years of age, was lovingly and graciously woven and absorbed into the enormous, gorgeous tapestry that is my life. For this and so much more I am grateful for a steadfast God, the unconditional love of my precious family, and my unshakeable faith that ALL we go through in life is for our ultimate good and advantageous for our evolution.

Bringing me to this…

the why of the ‘Yoni Love’ painting~

A few years back, with the encouragement of a trusted, loving friend, I took a photo of my yoni (ladies, if you have not done this, I beseech you to do so! It will likely be the most powerful selfie you will ever take). Until the moment of that photo, I had no real idea of my yoni’s unique beauty…pink, heart-shaped, sportin’ a tiny pearl that held so much wisdom and offered extreme pleasure.

My yoni-selfie held great potential and power, enough so, that it changed me, once again…forever.

Captured wholly within the image was my yoni’s beauty of purity and lovely innocence. With its soft yet mighty power.

I felt complete and unfathomable love for my feminine heart space.

Being an artist I desperately wanted to capture its rare beauty. Yet as I attempted time and time again nothing would come. Any effort put forth, ultimately, did not have the power to hold its essence.

Not until that morning of mediation…

In that time of mindful stillness a magnificent story of love, restoration of power, deep healing, and ultimate honoring, unfolded. Catching a glimpse of all this painting ultimately had the power to be. Not just for me but for others as well…I knew exactly where to begin. Dipping my fingers into paints, for no brush would have the ability or power to hold up to the task at hand, I lovingly began.

Now hanging over my tub, I enjoy it with such wonderment, and think of the power ‘Yoni Love’ has and even ponder…what else it may hold.

Ultimately, as with much of life, it is a Divine mystery.

Yet this I do know…

what was once something I was hesitant to share, now hangs proudly in my home with all its potential to heal, restore and ultimatly…honor the yoni.