Rarely do I buy anything new. It just doesn’t suit my decorating style or even my lifestyle for that matter. I adore things that have been around the block a time or two and have a story to tell from their adventures. My only rule of thumb… the item I’m going to spend some time with, must be well made! Listen to a girl thats been there done that ohhhh so many times….don’t waste your time, talent, and funds on something that is dodgy.  (that includes relationships).

In every aspect of pulling a home together, I will seek out oldies but goodies in effort to add a uniqueness and a flair that just can not be found in new items.

Architectural salvage yards are my favorite place to spend an afternoon. My mind is flooded with inspiration as I walk around touching the rust of an old iron gate that has swung open and close through the years, corbels that once held roof lines in place, porch railings that folks leaned against most likely sippin on some sweet tea, crystal chandeliers that one day I hope to scatter and hang from the old oak tree out in the back yard. Heck I even enjoy looking through old bins of metal bric-a-brac items that have no real use other than to play beautifully with the creative juices that are ever flowing as I linger in such a space.

Doors however have proven to be some of my favorite finds. I’ve replaced new hollow doors with solid ones made years before, for a fraction of the price.  Turned an old door into a coolieo desk, or a one of a kind head board, and my favorite…

room dividers

One side is where magic is created (truly this happens anywhere and everywhere). However with the door dividers, all my goodies are house on one side hiding the genius mess from where we like to sit, read, practice music, and watch TV. 

Recently I came across an old door that was the perfect height and width and will soon prove its ultra coolness by being an accessory holder in my bedroom.

And the price…

well that was just icing on the cake…

some folks just love to give away their old stuff (hands raised, dancing in the street as I celebrate such a find. My daughter, however, will no longer walk the neighborhood with me on trash night : D ).

The only draw back with my new-old find was it was it was old and chippy but not nearly old and chippy enough.


So I got down and dirty…

really dirty.

And because I like y’all so much I took pictures along the way so I could share the process of how I took an plain ol’ somewhat chippy door and turned it into this radically cool ol’ chippy door.



Items needed:

  1. First and foremost freedom of mind. Don’t allow even for a second of doubt to come in. You can do this! I promise you. It takes a bit of time, a bit of paint, a bit of curiosity (which is just plain needed in ALL areas of life)
  2. Paints. I like to use up all my leftovers for projects like this. You can use your old wall paint, left over cans of milk paints, chalk paint, mineral paints…the choices here are limited only by you and what you want your final piece to look like.
  3. Car wax (turtle wax and such) this is a must item to help make the job at hand eaiser.
  4. Gloves, so as not to get ultra messy
  5. Scraper and sand paper
  6. Whatever object you want to make oh so cool


First step~ clean off any dirt, dust, debris from your piece. Typical I don’t sand at this point for I love the chips and scratches that are already there to remain.

Second step~ because I wanted some of the original paint to show through so I added the car wax. This step will be done between each coat allowing you to pick and choose what area you would like to scrap the paint away easily. The wax acts as a buffer, not allowing the paint on top to adhere fully to the paint and piece underneath.  This is a HUGE step and in doing this you will find it is so much easier to scrap away the unwanted paint.

Third step~ paint over choosen piece, car wax and all.  The wax may mix into the paint, not to worry as I stated this just helps to keep the top paint a bit loose and allows for easy removal. I like to start with my darkest paint and the one I want to see the least of .


Fourth step~ scrap away and sand as little or as much of the paint to reveal the colors underneath.

Coninue between the second and fourth step for as many layers and colors as you would like to have.

Between each layer add the car wax here and there to the areas you would like to continue to bring forth.

Once you have gotten your piece to the desired look, celebrate and rejoice as you sand it down, and perhaps varnish (I typically skip right over this, allowing it to continue to age gracefully) for you have given a bit of love and care to a discarded old piece and turned it into something new, useable, and oh so charming.