Soak in it or soak it up~

Think y’all would agree, unless you are getting home late from a most excellent event, catching an early morning flight to Costa Rica, or yummidly (yes I make up words that suit my need) tangled up in the sheets with someone…

3:42am is not a time that most of us want to be awake.

However 3:42 is precisely the time my eyes, body and more importantly my mind thought it would be fun to emerge from its slumber and most excellent dreams and begin its play date with a word.   Continue reading

Everyone from Stevie Nicks, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Stevie Wonder… (A guest post by Krista’s daughter, me, Bella)  



…and ALL who came before, in between, and after.

For as long as I can remember, my momma has always done one thing as soon as she got in the car.

No, I’m not talking about putting on her seatbelt.

The first thing she did (and still does)…

was press the one button that held the power to lead me down the musical path that was my childhood.

The radio came on

a cool tune was found


and only then

the seat beat got buckled.
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Lesson learned~


All too often we make changes and learn life lessons by our mistakes, wrong choices, walking a difficult path, or going through something significant in our life.

However we also have the keen ability to learn while watching others as they maneuver through their own life. Sometimes learning what to do different by their mistakes. While at other times emulating and utilizing that which they did well, as guide posts. Continue reading



Y’all my sass got derailed.

And boy howdy was it a train wreck.

It’s been going all heather and thither of late and side swiping others along its way. And while I’ve still been lively, flirty, cheeky, confident, full of spirit, fun, and most likely seen as my “normal” sassy self by others…

I have felt and known the difference.

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The Riverbank~

TN Dec 2016

Wholeheartedly adore the gift of gratitude. It is one of the most powerful benefactions we can bestow. For within, lies the ability to change us and others on a fundamental level…in simple yet profound ways.

Relish living daily within its state and harnessing its power by offering it not only to the Creator and those I know and love but to people who pass in and out of my day.

It is joyful to see another through the eyes and heart of love and by offering gratitude for the magnificent creations they are, is an honor that makes life radiantly beauty filled.

When offering this gift I’m keen on finding a word/words that are refined in nature and powerfully articulates the feelings behind them. Also while attempting to utilize words that are expressive and picturesque.

I might share with someone with a wise, calm, and grounded presence that they are “like a mighty oak”.FullSizeRender-3

Perhaps someone whose so excited they’re going a million miles a minute in every direction…”child, you are like a BB rolling around in a box car”.

Someone who listens, without judgement, being taken over with their own emotions, or even feeling obligated to offer anything back…I might say, “you have an impressive ability of being present and listening like the sky”.

Ooh oooh oooooh…for those gals who are oh so



and rarin’ to go…

“gal, you’re like a heifer in heat at a rodeo”

(see y’all...very very refined in nature) Continue reading