Was that the local drum band walking down the street???

Or perhaps I was having my first ever panic attack.

Folks, there is truly no way I could ever explain all the hullabaloo that was taking place in my body the morning WBMB’s page was being published on Facebook (Welcome Facebook peeps~). Since I’m sorta certain that wasn’t a band outside my door on that rain-soaked morning, then I’m pretty dayum sure the beat I was hearing and feeling was my heart just athummpin away!!!! Continue reading

Welcome Facebook peeps~

Y’all, I’m not one of those gals that has 1542 ‘friends’ on facebook. In fact it is a limited few that I’ve friended or accepted in this social realm. Mostly, due to time and may I dare say…interest.

So when the first video I made creeped up to 750+ views within days of posting, I was wildly amused and seriously confused.


I mean how?

I mean WTH???

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